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Over 51 percent of organizations are currently using BPA (Business Process Automation) worldwide. Additionally, 80 percent of these companies report that they experience a 77 percent increase in conversion rate. These stats show that all the businesses must utilize the power of information technology to get the most out of available resources.

What Is Business Processes Automation?

The business process automation is a way to automate all the repetitive manual functions and key workflows using information technology. It is also known as the digital transformation that improved your service delivery and quality by cutting the considerable operating cost.

The goal of digital transformation is to support employees by providing a seamless work process with exceptional and timely customer support.

Benefits of BPA

The initial cost of automation can be a considerable investment, but its benefits make your spending worthwhile. For example, it makes most of the business processes surprisingly easy along with but not limited to, the following:

  • It allows you to allocate your workforce on more important tasks
  • It cuts the cost that you have to spend on manual tasks
  • It eliminates the chances of human error
  • It provides better and impactful collaboration
  • It offers a deeper and more meaningful business insights

Areas to Apply Automation

Not all the areas and functions of your business should be automated. For that matter, we have come up with the list of the five most important areas where every business needs automation.

1 – Sales and Lead Acquisition

Sales and lead acquisition are two of the most critical areas of every business. Moreover, these areas have many repetitive processes that don’t require much skill. That’s why you should consider automating the common processes that lead generation and sales include such as:

Invitation or Welcoming Emails

Sending invitation messages to an email list and welcoming emails to newly registered members take much time. Automating such processes will allow you to complete thousands of such actions within no time.


Chatbots can quickly make cross-sell, product recommendations, and upselling services and products to generate leads.

Follow-up Alerts

Automating the follow-up tasks is not advisable because it requires improvisation and critical thinking. But you can still utilize business automation to alert your sales team for follow-ups.

Lead Scoring

Business automation can score each interaction your business has with the customers and rank them. It allows you to deal with each customer uniquely.

2 – Marketing

Marketing is one of those business processes that must not be fully automated because it constantly requires manual input. But you can consider automating the following aspects:

Social Media

Automation offers exceptional social media automation services with chatbots that can even have machine learning algorithms. It allows you to automate most of your interactions, and you don’t need to go back to each of your social media pages again and again.


The business automation allows you to schedule all of your blog posts to release automatically. It keeps you from all the hassle of opening your cPanel and uploading a blog post daily, and you can even sync your blog with your social media pages.

Email Retargeting

It’s hectic to send marketing emails at strategic intervals manually to retarget your customers. You can automate email retargeting, which allows you to send emails to old customers and send new offers, discounts, and promotions to your current customers.

3 – Customer Management

Customer management is one of those areas which can break your business if not automated in this day and age. All the big businesses utilize in-house or third-party CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. It’s equally important for small companies to opt for an efficient service that sets up CRM to automate customer management workflows. It allows you to manage the following functionalities most efficiently.

Automatic Appointment Scheduling

The CRM provides an automated process to schedule customer appointments with the concerned person from your team instantly. It also sends emails to both parties regarding the appointment day and time, making the most efficient process.

Automate the Replies to Prospects

You certainly don’t want to send robotic replies to every email. But there are times when you find yourself getting the same queries frequently, and a CRM allows you to automatically send replies to such emails in a more personalized and faster way.

Automate Weekly Data-Driven Reports

Setting up a CRM software allows you to monitor your business’s daily or weekly progress and current standing. You’ll not have to deal with the confusing numbers and complex calculations, and the complete picture of your business will be in front of you at the end of your working week.

4 – Administrative tasks/Office Management

There are some administrative tasks that, as a business owner, you cannot take for granted, and the business automation comes in handy for such tasks.

Automated Backups

Taking the backup of your sensitive and accurate data is imperative. You can automate the cloud-based backing up files process by utilizing software automation that ensures your data’s integrity and credibility.

Job Recruitment

Using software automation, you can instantly announce job openings to all the desired job-hunting websites.


You can share your calendar with important meeting dates and times with your employees. It saves you much time that you otherwise have to spend on sending emails.

5 – Financial Processes

Finance is one of the most complicated yet important areas of any business. Not only do the numbers must be accurate, but all the calculations should be covered timely as well. The business automation in financial processes allow you to automate:

Invoice Reminders

If your customers owe your payment, your software will automatically send him/her the email reminders.


Your HR department won’t be bogging down any longer because business automation software automates the whole process of payroll with commissions and bonuses.

Bills Payment

Using BPA, you can ensure that all of your bills are paid within due time automatically with its recurring payment feature. You won’t have to write checks by the end of each month.

Final Thought

As you can see, automating these areas provides your business with many benefits, along with resource optimization and cost-saving. We at DeepIdea Lab offer all of these services with state-of-the-art technology at the most competitive rates. Contact us for a free consultation today and let us help your business scale up into something you dream of.

Surya Sanchez

Founder of DeepIdea Lab. A digital agency focused on automation.