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Creativity, authenticity, critical thinking, intuition. These are just some of the irrevocably human qualities a machine will never be able to replace. What automation can do is make our jobs better. Today, the benefits of automation in the workplace are well documented and celebrated, and for a good reason.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the powerful benefits of automation and how embracing business process automation in the workplace can garner profitable long-term results for your company.

What is the purpose of automation?

Despite pop culture’s gloomy portrayal of automation, automation’s actual purpose is to make everybody’s life easier. Business process automation purely exists to reduce our workload of boring, repetitive tasks, redirecting our focus to other, more critical aspects of our jobs. Simply put, automation is here to facilitate our work and make it more enjoyable.

Importance of automation in business

You only need to look at the statistics to realize the importance of automation in business.

Here are some groundbreaking stats to show you just how on-point automation in business is becoming.

  • A 2020 global survey of business leaders spearheaded by Mckinsey & Co showed that 66% were testing solutions to automate one or more processes
  • The use of automation is only growing; more companies are embracing automation than two years ago
  • Voice assistance, chatbots, documentation tools, and the application of machine learning algorithms are the most popular examples of automation in the business community today

Benefits of automation in the workplace

Competition in the business world is fierce, and it’s only getting fiercer with each passing day. To thrive in today’s world, you must stay ahead of the curve and be open to leveraging innovation and technology to enhance your performance. This is where the benefits of automating a manual process come in.

Below, we’ve curated our favorite five benefits of automation in the workplace.


Everybody hates getting stuck in mundane tasks at work. For example, applying labels on a bottle requires minimal skill, plus it’s unforgivingly boring. The same goes for exchanging a long tail of emails to try and set up a meeting. In this case, the benefits of automating a manual process are too real. Business process automation can eliminate the need to do these types of tasks, and more importantly, save time and money, redirecting the employee’s energy onto more productive tasks. Also, it doesn’t hurt from a work morale perspective.


When it comes to business safety, the benefits of automation can’t be overlooked. It’s a proven fact that automation minimizes the room for human error. For example, automation software can help monitor suspicious cyber activity, protect your server from getting infiltrated or crashing, and automate your save and recovery systems. Ultimately, embracing the benefits of automation tools in the workplace helps keep sensitive company information secure and protects your company from the potential disaster of getting hacked or losing precious data.

Employee value

Employee engagement is one of the key ingredients to business success. And what better way to engage your employees than by making their day-to-day jobs easier? Imagine your staff is stuck filing documents manually. Using automation software for document storage and filing will make your team happier. It will redirect your staff’s energies to other, more pressing business goals from a business viewpoint. Finally, by automating certain parts of your business, you’ll send a signal to future employees that you’re a company in sync with the latest technology and trends. You can package this as a value proposition to potential employees.

Return on your investment

Yes, purchasing automation software to automize your business requires spending some money, but the return on your investment can be huge if done right. One of the main benefits of automation is that it helps reduce a business’s operational costs. Take the customer service industry, for instance. Using a customer relationship management software like Hubspot ultimately means your team can manage relationships with clients and keep track of all communications in an organized, efficient way. By using this type of automation software, the potential for savings is enormous.

Open more business doors

Let’s face it; some areas of automation better fit with certain industries than others. Take Amazon, for example. By automating its sales and support infrastructure that would have almost been impossible using purely human resources, Amazon can sell and help consumers from anywhere in the world, at any time. By embracing the benefits of automation tools, businesses can open more doors that lead to bigger revenue streams.

What are the cons of automation in the workplace?

Of course, there are certain disadvantages of business automation. It would be irresponsible not to address them at least.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • It can be costly to automize your business and provide employee training.
  • Applying automation is a complex affair that requires careful, organization-wide planning.
  • Finding the right automated solution for your business goals is tricky; specialized assistance is recommended.
  • Applying automated solutions at work can clash with existing resources and systems. Consider how well the two will mesh.

Pro tip: Seriously consider enlisting the help of an automation consultancy like DeepIdea Lab. Not only will we take care of the whole business automation process for you, but we’re also on hand to provide step-by-step support, so you’re never left in the dark.

Benefits of automation in the workplace are too real to ignore

There’s no denying it; the benefits of automation are far and wide. If you’re considering incorporating automation into your business processes, then we’re here to help. As an automation consultancy firm, our sole mission is to help businesses manage, automize, and optimize their processes. The result? We give you more time and money to spend on growing your business and team. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

Surya Sanchez

Surya Sanchez

Founder of DeepIdea Lab. A digital agency focused on automation.